Daisy Ross Pride Network Lead

Celebrating Diversity: Inside Motability Operations' Award-Nominated Pride Network

Meet Daisy. By day, she’s a dynamic Team Coach training and developing our top-notch customer service specialists. But Daisy wears another hat as the lead of our Pride Network - a spirited group of employees celebrating the vibrant community of LGBTQ+ colleagues working across our four locations in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Coalville.

Our Pride Network has been recognised among industry giants. We were thrilled to be nominated for an award at the prestigious British LGBT Awards. Although we didn't snag the top prize, we celebrated in style, honouring everyone’s dedication, innovation and hard work at the awards ceremony!

Daisy shared some of her thoughts on what it means to be involved in the Pride Network.

How does it feel to be recognised as one of the top 12 Pride networks in the country at this year’s British LGBT Awards?

“OUTSTANDING! We have come a long way as a network in a short space of time and we have a lot of passionate and dedicated people to thank for that. Anybody who has taken the time to engage with and support us over the last few years should be feeling very proud right now. This is a moment to celebrate our achievements, but we know the journey continues!"

What is it like being Pride Network Lead?

“Being in the Pride Network has been formative for me as a queer person. I want to create a space where we can network, make meaningful change and have respectful and important conversations. Building connections within the Network and fostering a strong sense of community are my top priorities."

What made you want to take the position?

“The main reason I wanted to be the Lead was to drive positive and visible change in the organisation. This year, the Lead role was voted on by members, which helped me overcome imposter syndrome. For me the Network needs someone passionate, willing to ask questions, and learn. I lead with positivity and listen to those around me."

What have your first three months in the role looked like? What have been your highlights?

“My first 90 days as Network Lead have been a great opportunity for me to act on my intentions, and I have already done so much!

“We hosted our first equality, diversity and inclusion event - a Pride networking brunch – in all four of our offices. I couldn’t have done it without my three lovely Vice Network Leads and our HR representative based in Coalville.”

“A particular highlight was interviewing our Motability Scheme Brand Ambassadors and Paralympians, Laurie Williams and Robyn Love as part of an internal Q+A session for employees.”

What’s next?

“I'm really keen to build strong relationships across all of our offices and ensure that each staff member knows what support and activity is taking place, should they want to be involved in the Network.”

Motability Operations' Pride Network is just one example of how the organisation is committed to creating a more inclusive workplace for everyone.