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EVs are now more affordable than ever on the Motability Scheme

Motability Operations releases its latest price list with more choice of great value and high-tech EVs

London, UK, 2 April 2024 – Leasing an electric vehicle through the Motability Scheme has never been more affordable.

Motability Operations, the company that delivers the life-changing Scheme, has released its spring price list which illustrates how quickly the automotive industry is moving towards the greener future set out by the government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate.

For over 45 years, Motability Operations has helped disabled people in the UK access independent mobility through the Scheme. Every quarter, it releases a new list of available vehicles including powered wheelchairs and scooters to suit the needs of its 750,000 customers.

A decrease in petrol and diesel cars is becoming apparent, as the auto industry shifts its production lines into electric vehicles. The new price list reflects this, as advance payments* for many ICE vehicles went up. However, the upfront cost of many Scheme EVs has declined, making electric vehicles on the Motability Scheme more affordable and accessible than ever for our customers.

The new list showcases an impressive expansion of low emission options, including 130 vehicles with a 250 mile+ driving range and 40 battery electric vehicles with £0 upfront cost.

Even so, Motability Operations data shows that relying on public charging creates a significant barrier for customers considering EVs.

The company recognises the complexities associated with the transition and uses data and insights to understand the specific challenges its disabled customers face. Because of this, Motability Operations is committed to overcoming these barriers through investment, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts for example, the organisation is working to launch an app that makes paying for EV charging easier for its customers. Just last month, Motability Operations, in partnership with CALLUM introduced eVITA, a cutting-edge electric wheelchair accessible vehicle (eWAV) concept. It's designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to passenger WAV users in the electric transition.

Andrew Miller, CEO of Motability Operations, said: “As the largest car fleet in the UK, we’re in a unique position to pave the way in the transition to EV. But we cannot do that without also addressing its challenges.

“We are working with some of the country's most innovative startups and businesses to create solutions for our customers including an app to check accessible charging points, smart charging systems that can help save costs and charging on the go. We have committed £300m to support the affordability of EVs and are also working with local authorities to support better public charging for all.

“The reality is we cannot do this alone. The industry needs to work closely with government to ensure inclusivity is at the heart of the EV shift. If the EV transition works for our customers, we know it works for the country.”

Boasting over 890 models on the new list, the Motability Scheme continues to deliver great value to customers. As well as cheaper leasing, the company offers a worry-free package which includes insurance for up to three drivers, RAC breakdown assistance, servicing and maintenance, window repair and much more.

The latest Motability Scheme price list features a wider range of EV options and over 200 per cent more EVs than it did this time last year, providing customers with greater choice and flexibility in selecting a vehicle that meets their specific needs and preferences.

The full price list can be found at


Notes to editors

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Notes to editors

*Advance payment

This is the amount customers need to pay upfront for some large or high specification vehicles.

About the Motability Scheme and price list

The three-year lease package from Motability Operations is around 45% cheaper than any other commercial leasing alternative. Leasing a vehicle through the Motability Scheme is simple, and the Scheme’s worry-free package includes insurance with Direct Line Group, RAC breakdown assistance, vehicle servicing and maintenance, as well as tire and windscreen repair and replacement.

The new price list from the Motability Scheme runs from 1 April 2024 to 31 June 2024 and specific models and prices featured are subject to availability. Customers can find the latest information The models and prices featured are subject to availability until 31 March 2024.

About Motability Operations

We are the company that delivers the Motability Scheme to over 750,000 disabled people and their families, helping them access independent mobility.

Since we began running the Motability Scheme 45 years ago, we have helped more than 5 million people get moving. People who receive higher or enhanced mobility allowance can join the scheme. They decide to use their allowance to choose from a wide range of cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles, powered wheelchairs or scooters.

Our scale and relationship with manufacturers makes sure we provide the very best technology and design.

Customers lease their vehicle for 3-5 years in a worry-free package that includes insurance, servicing, tyres and breakdown cover. At the end of the lease, they can choose a brand-new vehicle and we remarket their old vehicle at the best possible price. We are the largest supplier of used cars in the UK.

We don’t pay shareholder dividends and the money we make is invested back into benefitting our customers and disabled mobility.

We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our customers and have expectational customer service at the heart of everything we do. We have an average of 9.6/10 customer satisfaction rating.