James Douglas speaks at BVRLA event

Motability Operations’ James Douglas to deliver keynote at Fleets in Charge Conference

At the BVRLA event, Manufacturer and Network Partnership Director, James Douglas, will share unique insights about how Motability Operations is driving innovation and powering the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for its customers.

Motability Operations, the organisation behind the life-changing Motability Scheme, has 760,000 customers, the largest customer base of any fleet operator in the country. This gives it access to unique insights into the experiences of disabled drivers in the UK.

In his keynote speech, Douglas will discuss the challenges customers on the Scheme face as the UK transitions to EVs, and the urgent need to make the transition more accessible and inclusive. The address will also reflect on key findings and stories from Scheme customers to help paint a picture of the issues they face.

Commenting ahead of the conference, Douglas said: "Our customers encounter unique challenges during the transition to EVs that the general population does not face. It is crucial for the broader industry and policymakers to work together to ensure the UK’s EV transition benefits everyone. I am excited to be attending Fleets in Charge, where I will highlight the steps and innovative solutions Motability Operations has delivered aimed at overcoming barriers for our customers.”

As the UK’s largest car leasing company, Motability Operations plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry and the transition to EVs. So far, the organisation has facilitated over 50,000 customer transitions to EVs. However, it recognises that many customers still harbour concerns regarding the cost, range anxiety, and the availability of accessible public charging infrastructure.

To address these concerns, the company has committed 300 million pounds to help make EVs more affordable and accessible for its customers through pricing support, the provision of home chargers, and other initiatives.

Douglas' keynote will also discuss other solutions the company is delivering to address concerns and help customers change to an EVs, including: the installation of over 46,000 Ohme charge points for customers, the launch of the ‘Motability Go Charge' app, to simplify public charging and the design of eVITA, a next generation electric wheelchair accessible vehicle (eWAV) concept.

Motability Operations believes that collaboration is essential in making the UK’s shift to EV a success. By leveraging insights from their customers and industry expertise, they strive to ensure that no one is overlooked during the transition.

Notes to editors

  • Motability Operations is the largest vehicle leasing company in the UK, responsible for as many as one in five new cars on the road. It is the largest seller of used cars in the UK.
  • James Douglas will be giving his keynote address, Innovation – the cutting-edge of connected insights, at QEII London at 4pm, 10 July.

About Motability Operations: 
 We are Motability Operations, the largest vehicle leasing company in the UK. We run the Motability Scheme, where people receiving a qualifying disability allowance can choose an affordable and accessible vehicle.  

We play an essential role in connecting our 760,000 disabled customers to work, healthcare, education, and independence and provide unrivalled value. On average, the Scheme is 48% cheaper than alternative options, and includes insurance, breakdown, tyres and servicing.  

We are a key part of the automotive sector and play an essential role in helping the EV infrastructure become more accessible and inclusive.