Motability Operations journey to B Corp

Motability Operations moves to the public phase in their journey to become B Corp certified

Motability Operations is excited to announce the latest update in their journey to becoming a certified B Corp, it’s moved into the ‘public’ phase of the B Movement Builders programme. This means it can now publicly express its ambition to achieve full B Corp Certification and its alignment to the principles of the B Corp movement, while working to meet the social and environmental standards required.

Through the B Movement Builders programme, B Corp is paving the way for large companies to be part of the B Corp movement of businesses operating for people and planet as well as profit. As a purpose-led organisation, Motability Operations exists to deliver life-changing impact to over 760,000 disabled people across the UK.

In aiming for certification, Motability Operations hopes to join a community of like-minded businesses that are committed to providing positive outcomes for people and the planet. If it achieves certification, it will be the largest company to achieve this in the UK and one of the first in the automotive industry. Progress with this journey has been supported by B Lab UK and Seismic, our sustainability partners, who've provided invaluable guidance.

The core purpose of the business is to deliver smart, sustainable solutions that improve our customers’ mobility in a fast-changing world. Providing affordable, accessible mobility to disabled people, keeping them connected to work, education, and the world around them is why Motability Operations exists. It also places great importance on long-term sustainability, demonstrated by setting out its verified Science Based Targets for carbon reduction in the near term.

Mark Brown, Motability Operations Head of Impact and Sustainability, said:

“We’re focused on becoming a certified B Corp business and are thrilled to be moving closer towards full certification. This reflects the work we do to improve the lives of disabled people and our focus on having a positive impact on the planet, our people, and the communities in which we operate.”

“Being part of the B Corp programme will give us an opportunity to work with more businesses that are dedicated to using business as a force for good. We will work together to drive positive change and advocate on behalf of our customers and the B Corp programme.”

James Ghaffari, B Lab UK Director of Growth & Product, said:

“In order to change the role of business in all of our lives, we need large companies to stand up and be counted. Having a business like Motability Operations commit to operating for all stakeholders will show that this approach can yield long term prosperity for all.”

“It is exciting to see the work already done by Motability Operations and the further commitments they have made as a company at the forefront of the just transition of transportation.”

B Corp certification will be a validation of the work Motability Operations does to improve the lives of their customers, who remain the driving force behind everything it does. The full impact of the Motability Scheme extends beyond customers to friends, families, wider society, and the planet through its efforts to reduce environmental harm.

In 2013, the first electric vehicle was leased through the Motability Scheme. In 2022, the business committed £300m to support customers with making the switch to zero emission motoring.

However, its customers face additional barriers in transitioning. The current EV infrastructure does not work for everyone, and many customers say they are unable to make the switch due to a lack of access to off-street parking and the limited availability of accessible and affordable public charging infrastructure.

Motability Operations is committed to overcoming these barriers through investment, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

Motability Operations is proud to have reached the public phase in their journey to becoming B Corp certified, and to be part of a movement of like-minded companies that are also committed to delivering positive results for both people and the planet.

The business is committed to achieving B Corp certification and remains inspired by the aspirations of the B Corp community. Like certified B Corps, it is dedicated to applying the highest standards to its work, identifying and delivering its goals to help ensure the creation of shared value for all stakeholders.

Notes to editors

We are Motability Operations, the largest vehicle leasing company in the UK. We run the Motability Scheme, where people receiving a qualifying disability allowance can choose an affordable and accessible vehicle.

We play an essential role in connecting our 760,000 disabled customers to work, healthcare, education, and independence and provide unrivalled value. On average, the Scheme is 48% cheaper than alternative options, and includes insurance, breakdown, tyres and servicing.​

We are a key part of the automotive sector and play an essential role in helping the EV infrastructure become more accessible and inclusive. ​