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Motability Operations new pricing reflects industry challenges, but remains 48% cheaper than alternatives

With its newly published pricing list, Motability Operations renews its commitment to ensuring Scheme customers get the best value deals in a highly unpredictable market.  

The new price list features a wide range of new electric vehicle (EV) models, from a number of industry manufacturers and start with no Advance Payments. These EVs include:  

By forging close collaborations with the industry, including car manufacturers and dealers, Motability Operations keeps prices as low as possible. With manufacturers prioritising the production of EVs to meet the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, there are fewer petrol and diesel cars available in the new car market. A combination of other economic pressures is causing vehicle prices to rise across the automotive industry. 

The increasing costs of insurance, servicing and maintenance means that Motability Operations constantly invests in affordability, so that it can connect its disabled customers to work, healthcare, education and family life. 

Its three-year worry-free leasing package, which includes insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing, maintenance, tyres and windscreens, the Scheme remains incredibly valuable and is around 48% cheaper than any other commercial leasing alternative. 

“We know first-hand the pressures that the automotive industry is facing," says Andrew Miller, Chief Executive of Motability Operations. "As the UK’s biggest car buyer, we can leverage our scale to navigate the industry pressures and drive affordability for our customers. By collaborating with our Scheme partners, we're still able to offer our customers great value for money in our latest price list."   

This collaborative way of working is also enabling Motability Operations to help its customers overcome barriers to EV adoption. These solutions include:  

  • Streamlining public charging payment: The organisation has recently launched its Go Charge app, developed with Paua, to improve paying for public EV charging.  
  • Simplifying home charging: Motability Operations works with Ohme to install home chargepoints for its customers, which is included in the price of an EV customer’s lease.  
  • Revolutionising eWAVs: Motability Operations and CALLUM have developed a new generation electric wheelchair-accessible vehicle (eWAV) concept. 

The new price list demonstrates Motability Operations continuation to offer a diverse range of vehicles to suit customer needs right now. Customers who aren’t ready to switch to an EV can still choose from a selection of high-quality, petrol and diesel vehicles. 

The full price list can be found at


Notes to editors

For more information, please contact: 

Louise Fallon, Media and Communications Manager or call 07818 562836.  

Notes to editors 

*Advance payment 

This is the amount customers need to pay upfront for some large or high specification vehicles. 

About the Motability Scheme and price list 

The three-year lease package from Motability Operations is around 48% cheaper than any other commercial leasing alternative. The Scheme’s worry-free package includes insurance with Direct Line Group, RAC breakdown assistance, vehicle servicing and maintenance, as well as tire and windscreen repair and replacement.  

The new price list from the Motability Scheme runs from 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2024 and specific models and prices featured are subject to availability. Customers can find the latest information The models and prices featured are subject to availability until 30 September 2024.  

About Motability Operations: 

We are Motability Operations, the largest vehicle leasing company in the UK. We run the Motability Scheme, where people receiving a qualifying disability allowance can choose an affordable and accessible vehicle.  

We play an essential role in connecting our 760,000 disabled customers to work, healthcare, education, and independence and provide unrivalled value. On average, the Scheme is 48% cheaper than alternative options, and includes insurance, breakdown, tyres and servicing.​ 

We are a key part of the automotive sector and play an essential role in helping the EV infrastructure become more accessible and inclusive. ​