Motability Operations publishes 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report

Motability Operations has published its Gender Pay Gap report for 2020, which shows that over the last three years, we have seen a 5% decrease in our Gender Pay Gap from 29.6% (as reported in April 2018). Our figures for April 2020 have decreased to 24.6% (mean) and 19% (median).

Several factors have led to this welcome outcome, including more women appointed to senior roles, changes to our flexible working practices and enhanced family friendly policies, together with increased focus and discussion with our Diversity Networking Groups.

While we pay equally for equal roles, our gap continues to be driven by a number of gender imbalances in our workforce, including:

  • Of our five directors, one is female
  • We continue to see a higher number of men in more specialist, technical roles – particularly in IT, where skills are more difficult to find, or we are competing for talent in a highly sought-after market where there is a shortage of female applicants
  • We have a larger proportion of women in lower-paid roles

Whilst the reduction in the pay gap is positive, we recognise that we are still on a journey and it will take time to put ourselves on a sustained path to reducing this gap further.

Read the Gender Pay Gap report 2020 (PDF 236KB)